Herbal and Medicinal Plants Project– Graigrah

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The project is located in Graigrah village in Wadi Araba. It aims at enhancing the cultivation, production and manufacturing of herbal and medicinal plants as additional sources of income for the local community in the target area. The project area is characterized by a sub-tropical climate, which is suitable for cultivation of certain herbal and medicinal plants.

The HFDJB provides financial and technical support for Graigrah Cooperative to run the project. In addition, the Arab Organization for Agriculture Development and the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) are providing assistance for the cooperative in terms of post-harvesting and marketing.

 Project Objectives

  • To create job opportunities and improve the income of the cooperative members.
  • To maximize the utility of local resources and to train cooperative members on the use of modern and advanced agricultural practices.
  • To revitalize the role of woman as a strategic partner in development.
  • To contribute in improving the environment in the area.
  • To introduce the cultivation of herbal medicinal plants in irrigated areas within the Badia.

 Project Components

  1. Planting of thyme in five greenhouses.
  2. Development of a drip irrigation network.
  3. Drying and packaging machines.

 Achievements (July, 2010)

  • Additional income sources have been secured for some families through the permanent agricultural activities of the project.
  • Literal sales agreements with a number of markets have been signed.
  • Local community members, particularly the women, have been trained on techniques of herbal and medicinal plants cultivation.